Friday, January 6, 2012

Egypt Inspired Nails

When I was a girl, I loved to read about anceint Egypt.  I remember thinking, "When I'm a grown up, I'll have books about Egypt that I don't have to take back to library!"

When I saw an inexpensive, generic plate on eBay with the Eye of Horus (the accent design on my ring finger), I knew I had to have it.  This is my first design inspired by that plate.

What beautiful colors on this scarab from King Tut's tomb!

The base is China Glaze Mega Bite, a beautiful holographic gold.  I wanted to replicate the inlaid look of Egyptian jewelry with a stamp (I don't have a hand steady enough for actual painting), so I chose a pattern on BM 214.  I stamped using three colors: Sally Hansen Insta Dri In a Blink Blue, Revlon Top Speed Emerald, and Insta Dri Racin Red.  I stamped the Eye with Milani Black Magic and highlighted it with glitter.

As usual, my stamping isn't perfect and some of my colors were smeary.  Imperfection would not have worked for Queen Nefertiti, but it works just fine for me!

Thanks for reading and have a regal day, Konaddicts!


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