Saturday, August 30, 2014

Glitter Gradient

Hello, everyone!
It's been a long time since I've had a moment to post!  I just love how this glitter gradient turned out!

This is a gradient of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Raspberry Rave and Vivid Lacquer Late Bloomer. I am still really loving my Cici & Sisi plates.  This time, I used Cici & Sisi 05 and Sally Hansen Insta Dri Urgent Orchid for the stamping.

Thanks for stopping by, Konaddicts!  Is anyone else amazed that Fall is already here?!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Counting Sheep

Hello, everyone!
Today I'm wearing a fun manicure made with the Cheeky XL Wild at Heart plate.

This was a pretty easy design.  I started with a base of white.  I stamped the base with Kleancolor Concrete Gray and used a tiny nail brush to polish in the area around the sheep with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure First Kiss.

For the accent nail, I just reversed the design.  I used First Kiss as the base and made a decal of the little sheep.

This mani is easy and so much fun to wear!  Thanks for dropping in, Konaddicts!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

MoYou Egyptian Plate

Hello, everyone!  I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

I finally had an opportunity to try out my Artist Collection plate from MoYou.  It's the first mani that I've made from one of these large, full design image plates.

Here's the plate.  I love the history and art of ancient Egypt, so it was a must-buy for me.

The plate is beautiful and most of the designs have an authentic feel to them.  The Cleopatra is a little modern, but it's a lovely design.

I decided to start with Sally Hansen Insta Dry Sand Storm.  I sponged it with Sally Hansen Extreme Wear White On to add a little texture to the background.  The designs are a mix of stamping and decals.  I made decals of Anubis and the Cleopatra so that I could add a gold emphasis to the designs.

I love the designs on this plate, and the full size design allows many different design options.  I did find that some of the designs were too big for my nails.  I also love incorporating a lot of different colors into my designs, and I haven't yet thought about how I would do that this type of plate.  Overall, though, I'm happy with the plate.  How can you be unhappy wearing a winged scarab?

How do you all like these larger, fully etched stamping plates, Konaddicts?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Leafy Ladybugs

Hello, Konaddicts!
What a busy summer I'm having!  I was expecting to have lots of time for sipping lemonade and polishing nails, but such has not been the case.  Well, I am happy to have a manicure to share with you today.  It's ladybugs!  This is one of my favorite stamping images.

I used the beautiful Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Chartreuse Chase as my starting color.  To make my leafy background, I used Mash 61 and MyOnline Shop Bright Green Stamping Polish.  

This was light enough stamp right over so I used GCOCL plate K05 and Milani Black Magic to stamp the ladybugs.  I filled them in using a small nail brush and Wet n Wild Red Red, Bundle Monster Art Polish 12, and SH Insta Dri Man-go Team.

I really loved how this turned out!  It was so much fun to play with the ladybug colors, and it added a lot of variety to the mani.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you're each having an awesome summer.  Also:  have you seen the new Sally Hansen Color Foil polishes?  There's a cool post about them on Adventures in Acetone.  The old SH chrome polishes stamped beautifully.  It looks like these might not work as well, but I'm still dying to pick up a few bottles!  Anyone else tried these?

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hi, everyone!
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
I'm enjoying my latest manicure, sand and shells, which I created using the shell design from the Cheeky Jumbo Tropical Holiday plate.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Sand Storm (an awesome addition to the Insta Dri colors).  I wanted my shells to be colorful, but I also didn't want to spend a lot of time doing them (haha), so I double stamped the shell design.  I stamped first with NYC French White Tip and then again with my favorite brown, Revlon Top Speed Esspresso.

I did want to add a bit of color, so I got out my brushes and added a few quick lines to the shells with a sheery peach and sheery blue.  I dabbed on a few gold and brown dots for the sand.

I am loving this Cheeky plate!  I've had it for a while, but I guess that I've determined to get good use out of it this summer!

Thanks for reading, Konaddicts!



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