Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cozy Sweater Nails

Hello, Konaddicts!
I hope you're doing well in this new year and staying warm!  I decided to try out an unusual image plate - Vivid Lacquer VL 025.  I love trying a new or different nail plate.  This one was especially fun, since I am a big fan of crocheting.

I bought the plate on Etsy.  It has several unusual crocheting and knitting designs.

The biggest challenge with this plate was trying to decide how to do the stamping - should I apply the dark color over the light one?  the light color over the dark?  I also had a few false starts with colors that were too similar to show the design clearly.

In the end, I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri Raspberry Race as a base and used the shimmery and darker Sally Hansen Insta Dri Pronto Purple for the stamping.

It's different look, it has a cozy feel to it, and I love the overall effect.

Thanks for coming by Konaddicts!  I hope you're staying warm!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Hello, everyone!  I hope you're staying warm out there!  The holidays are creeping up on us!

I was feeling like wearing rich colors.  I experimented a while and  chose a gradient of Revlon Top Speed Expresso and Sallly Hansen Insta Dri Red-io Active.  I wasn't sure that the brown-to-red gradient would work, but I love the final product!

I used another pattern from QA61 and the lovely Essie Good as Gold for the stamping.

I love how this little chocolate-cherry mani came out!  

Thanks for stopping by, Konaddicts!  Remember to be good - I think Santa is watching!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gobbles on Turkey Day

Hello, everyone!  I hope all of my American friends had an awesome Thanksgiving!  This year, for the first time, I roasted a turkey myself. It was a big deal for me since I'm usually happy to let others do the cooking! :) The turkey turned out well, and it was just nice to spend the day with family and friends.

I wanted a fun and Thanksgiving-themed manicure to wear.  I kept telling myself that "one year" I would try out the little turkey design on Winstonia W119; this was the year!

I began with China Glaze Life Preserver and made decals of the feathers and the turkey with Revlon Top Speed Espresso and L'oreal Walk on the Beach.  I decided to give my turkey some eyes and to dab on a little red for his wattle.  The feather pattern isn't as opaque as I thought.  I probably should have been more careful with my fill color.

So...what the heck is going on with my top coat or base coat?  I can't seem to go more than a day without chips.  Ideas?

Well, Konaddicts, thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vines and Flowers

Hi everyone,
I wish I had gotten an earlier picture of this mani.  I was waiting for a sunny day and we just didn't have any, so, I apologize ahead of time for the chips and wear.   I still wanted to share my attempt at these colored, flowery manicures.  I love all the new image plates out there, but I also like using multiple colors, so this was my first attempt at combining the full nail design and multiple colors.

To start, I used the lovely neutral Sally Hansen Insta Dri Sand Storm.  The plate is QA 61.  I used Kleancolor Military Green for the stamping.  Then, I grabbed my tiny paint brush and added some additional colors: Kleancolor Cappuccino, NYC Spring Street, and Sally Hansen Royal Red Cream.  I added a few dots of gold to add a little sparkle.

Initially, I wasn't sure how I felt about this one, but after a day or so, it grew on me.  I'll keep at it!

Stay warm, Konaddicts!  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Delicate Rose Decals

Hi everyone,
I didn't have much time for nails this week, so I decided that it might be a good time to try out my nail decals from the Born Pretty store.  Ach!  I love them!  They're water decals, so they're super easy to apply and they lie flat on the nail.  Since the decals are typically clear, you need a light base color.  I used Sinful Easy Going.

I love these!  I am surely headed back to the Born Pretty Store for more decals.  They have awesome sales that making stocking up on these a cinch.  I only wish I had tried them in Spring when the pastels would have a been a better fit for the season - we actually have a light dusting of snow this morning!

Take care, Konaddicts!  Thanks for stopping by!


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