Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello Kitty of the Month: Kitty on Pink I decided to try the same technique from my Kung Fu Panda nails to my Hello Kitty of the Month mani for July.  It turned out okay - my left hand came out better than my right - but it was a little more complicated than I expected.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri In a Blink Pink.  I stamped the background swirls using Pure Ice Rumors, a dark rose, and XL stamping plate B.

I used image plate B87 to stamp kitty in white.  I got a tiny nail brush and filled in the outline using Konad Special polish in white.  I restamped kitty over the filled in outline using Milani Black Magic.  Kleancolor Metallic Yellow dotted on made up her nose and NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost filled in her bow.

And voila!

Some image plates are premade for stamping like this - you have separate images so that you can stamp the background and then stamp the "foreground" over it. I hope they come out with a HK stamp like this!  "Painting" in the background evenly and opaquely is a lot harder than stamping it.  On one finger, my positioning was off, then I tried to fix it, I accidentally made a zombie Hello Kitty...

Well - catch you later, Konaddicts!


Iris said...

oooh they are so cute i love hello kitty!!!

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