Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Swap of the Century: Makeup Store Greta

Wow!  I have made the swap of the century and I am in holographic heaven!  For a few bottles of polish, I swapped for Makeup Store Greta and the Aqua Fix base coat for holos.  These pictures are all in natural light.  For the full holo effect, I decided to skip the top coat.

It's beautiful!  I love it so much I could marry it!

No, really - I can't stop looking at my fingers!!

I'm even forcing other people to look at my fingers!

The sparkle is killing me!  Please, someone take my debit card before I call the Denver store (thank you, TraceFace Philes for the ordering info) and order the whole collection!

Ah yes, Konaddicts, this must be love!

I'll be stamping soon, I'm sure, so I'll show you how it comes out!  Thank you for letting me share a girly giggle with you!


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