Friday, October 5, 2012

Coffee Dry Marble

Hi everyone!
You may recall that in my water marble disaster, I was trying to marble browns. Since that didn't work out so well, I wanted to see how a dry marble of browns and bronzes would work.

Here's my finished product.

I started with a base of L'Oreal The Perfect Trench.  I have been dying to get my hands on a warm caramel color, and when I saw this one I jumped at it.

The colors are the base of The Perfect Trench, Pure Ice Jaguar, Kleancolor Chocolate Brown, Kleancolor Coffee Addict, and Revlon Copper Gleam.  The ziplock is on the top of one my polish bins (which is why the background looks blue).

Yeah...I absolutely loved this one "on plastic", but I'm not sure if I like it.  I love the blending of colors (especially that gorgeous copper), but I think I left too many rough edges.  I also didn't make enough of the marble, so I didn't really have enough of the prettiest part of the pattern for each of my nails (by the time I got to my right hand, some of marble was just splotches).

I also immediately broke what was left of my left thumb nail (which explains why it is "hiding" in this photo).

Okay, lesson learned.  If you dry marble, make enough that you can be sure you can enjoy your color combinations!

Be well!  See you next time!


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