Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Drugstore Magnetic Polish Swatches

Indoors, with flash
Hello, everyone!

I know that magnetic polishes have been around a while now.  I just never caught the bug before - that is, until they showed up at Walgreens!  I had seen the Sally Hansen polishes before but I didn't expect a huge rack of Nabi magnetic polishes.    I picked up a few, so I thought I'd try them out here.

The Nabi polishes don't seem to have names.  They also have a very strong chemical smell and a very weak magnet.  There's also no guard to keep the nail from touching the magnet.  Even with those drawbacks, the colors are really pretty - look how rich that burgundy is and how gorgeous that coffee color is!  

These polishes are only $4.95 each and there are tons of colors and different magnet designs.  Definitely, they're worth a try!
Swatches in natural light
The other polish I tried was good old reliable Sally Hansen - that's Red-dy Response on the thumb and Silver Elements on the ring finger.

They're lovely polishes.  The magnet works well - although there is only one magnet design.  There are little guards on the top of the polish to keep your nail from touching the magnet.

I expected that these would be lovely and I wasn't disappointed.  I wish I could buy more but they're $8.99 per bottle - a little steep for my polish budget, especially when you want to buy all 8 of them!

Anyway...there's my foray into magnetic polish.

I don't know why I was so late to catch this trend - the 3D look that the magnet creates is so intriguing.  There's also something so cool about seeing the change in the polish as you apply the magnet.

The other thing I like is that this will be perfect "vacation" polish - it's pretty and interesting and all in one bottle, perfect for holiday traveling!

Well - if you've been eyeing any of those polishes, I hope this post helps!

See you soon, Konaddicts!


maRyya said...


Jocelyn said...

Thanks - I love this stuff! :)

Shirley DoesRock said...

Hi there... just found your blog and I love your combinations and creativity .I figured I'd share one of the things I do with some of the magnetic polishes, especially golds and greens. I use them as a base for my snake and reptile plate designs. It gives a TON of dimension and looks more snake-like. Also, Dollar General has LA Girl magnetic polishes for $4 and a bull's eye design magnet no the pink shade lid... I missed out on the turquoise though (in every store I tried - four of them!) so I am bummed. It's the only color I'm missing in magnetic shades!

Jocelyn said...

OOooo! Thanks for the tip! I don't have a turquoise either! I'll have to try that out!

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