Friday, August 16, 2013

Good as Gold: Twin post with Jajuana from Mani's by Moore

Hi, everyone!
Today I have another twin post with the talented Jajuana from Mani's by Moore!  Our theme is "Good as Gold".  I puttered around a bit with plates and polishes and finally settled on a simple - but bright and bold! - mani of polish and glitter.

This is Kleancolor Metallic Yellow topped with Kleancolor Tiara Gold.  Tiara Gold steals the show!  You can see the hex glitter pieces ranging from really tiny pieces to big ol' chunky ones.

I have to confess that I slapped A LOT of glitter of these nails and (gasp!),  I didn't always wait for the coats to thoroughly dry (which I'm guessing may have been sometime next week - haha).  So, my metallic yellow base didn't come out as smoothly as it otherwise might have.  I'm just going to say that it added to the "textured look"...

So...dazzling sparkle and fun with another nail-girl?  How can you go wrong?

Can't wait to see what Jajuana does with today's theme!

Thanks for reading, Konaddicts.  It's Friday; get your sparkle on!


ManisbyMoore said...

So pretty!! I am all about getting my "bling" on!! I slapped a lot of glitter on my glitter nails as well. I almost did all glitter too. But I thought she is going to mix something in there and blow my mani out of the water so I added some color. You still blew my mani out of the water! LOL! Very pretty!

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