Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Toasty Sweater Nails

Brrrrr...time to zip into your Christmas sweaters!

Hi, everyone!  For this design, I got to try out two images that I haven't tried before - the sweater design from Winstonia W120 and the cute little zipper from BM 420.

The setup was pretty easy.  I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri Cinna Snap as the base.  I polised  Kleancolor Military Green about halfway down each nail.  I used the beige L'Oreal Walk on the Beach and Winstonia W120 for the stamping and tried to position the line more or less over my half-way point.

I decided to add the zipper just so I could try out the design and also to add a little variety.  I made these as decals - since I didn't think they would stamp well over the darker colors.  I used Konad Special polish in White and BM420.  I filled the stamp in with Kleancolor Chocolate Brown.  Peel, stick, and voila!

Well, Konaddicts, it's almost that time!  What nail goodies are on your holiday shopping list?


ManisbyMoore said...

Now this is just too cute!! I love this! I have a sweater design coming up soon! (Monday)

Briana NailACollegeDropOut said...

nothing beats a warm sweater for the holiday right?

Alexandria Brady said...

I love how you did the little zipper and the different colors!

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