Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Buttoned Up

I love the buttons on Konad Plate M16!  To get the black and white, I tried my very first tape manicure.  If you've never tried one of these, Jane at Nailside has a great tutorial here.  I stamped the buttons using M16.

I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri Whirlwind White for the base, Milani Black Magic for the accent, and the Whirlwind White for the buttons.  Konad Special Polish in white stamped better, but it also seemed to smear more.

As for the tape mani, I like the result, but I had a hard time getting the tape on straight, getting it pulled off without smearing everything and (because I'm impatient), trying to tape other fingers while the polish was still wet (not to mention trying to dispose of sticky tape with wet polish on it!).  It's also worth noting that it takes twice the drying time since you have to wait for your base coat and then your accent color to dry before moving on to your stamping.

Now...off to think of more designs with buttons!  Thanks for reading and happy stamping!


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