Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello Kitty of the Month

Hello, everyone!  I have decided that I am issuing myself a challenge.  To put my well documented love of Hello Kitty to the test (not to mention to get good use out of my HK plates), I'm going to try to create at least one Hello Kitty manicure each month.

Without further ado, here is February's Kitty of the Month.

Since it's February and I'm still feeling sweet, I used Essie Fiji as the pale pink background.

I noticed that if I tried to stamp Kitty first, I got my alignment off, so I decided to stamp the bow border first.  I don't have the Konad plate for this design so I used my XL Image Plate B and Pure Ice Frosted Ice Sparkle Berry.

I stamped Kitty with Sparkle Berry using plate KD-1.  I like the metallic sparkle in this polish although I think I pressed the stamper a little too hard and got some smudges.  Finally, I used Pure Ice Spit Fire to add glitter to her bow and to the bows in the bottom border.

I think this endeavor will put my love of Hello Kitty to the test.  Is it possible that even I could tired of girly pink cuteness?  Stay tuned, Konaddicts! :)


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