Friday, February 24, 2012

Mosaic (Sort Of)

Soooo....this didn't quite turn out like I saw it in my head.  Maybe I should have chosen a different plate.  The little flourish on Red Angel plate RA-107 was calling out to be stamped with different colors - or at least, that's how it seemed to me!

I was thinking of tranquil seas and I chose Revlon Sunshine Sparkle - a light lemon - as the base.  Sally Hansen Insta Dris in Sea Breeze, Blue Blast, and In-a-Blink Blue make up the stamping.  I stamped the two lighter colors at one time, then added the bottom portion of the design in the darker blue.

With such a lovely set of colors, what could go wrong?

Something isn't quite right.  I don't think I managed to get clean edges on all of the areas of the stamp.  There's also something I don't quite like about the Sunshine Sparkle base.  It not an overpowering yellow, which I waned for this color scheme, but it seems to dry strangely and get kind of crackly around the edges.

Oh well...there's something about these colors that I like so I'm sure I'll pull out my plates and try a "remix" of it soon.  Suggestions, anyone? :)


Jane said...

This was a good idea. I like these colors also, combine with the heat you have done here in Rio.

Val Greeley said...

I've got that plate too and I love that pattern...those colors are so beachy and fun!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks, guys! I love those colors together so I'll have to try it again!

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