Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Holo Pink

Hi everyone!
I've been dying to try stamping over a holographic base.  I've tried a couple of times and I feel like I never quite get the color combinations right.

I decided to give it another try.  I would love to have a bottle of Nfu.Oh holo polish but this polish is around $20 per bottle on eBay!  That's waaay outta my price range so I looked through my collection and dug out an old bottle of Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup in Magenta Magic and used that as a base.

I used Kleancolor Metallic Fuchsia and one of the patterns on XL Plate B for the stamping.  I don't think I have  it down yet, but I think the resulting mani is kind of interesting.

Artificial light with Flash

Artificial light without Flash 

Natural Light
I have to admit that I love the rainbow effect!

Are there affordable holos out there that you are using for stamping?


Gnarly Gnails said...

i love this! i need to expand my holo collection, it's pitiful!

Val Greeley said...

So pretty..luvin the combo...looks like your getting the hang of stamping just fine! Plz keep posting your results♥

Jocelyn said...

Me, too! But I think another obsession has been born!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks, Val! I might be stuck on these for a while!

Jane said...

Thank you! Their previous publication inspired me. =)

bjones0625 said...

Ooohhh --- we love these, always love the pinks -- Rayana says she loves you!

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