Monday, April 2, 2012

Citrus Sunburst

For this fresh and fruity mani, I layered the stamps a bit, moving from the lighter color at the top to the red at the bottom.

I started with a base coat of Rimmel 60 Seconds Extreme polish in Va Va Voom.  I rounded off the edges of the swirled pattern on plate DRK-A with a q-tip so that I could get close to a solid stripe of circles.

I stamped using Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lightening, then L'oreal Pumpkin, and finally, Pure Ice Siren for the tips.

I like the overall bright and cheery effect, and I especially liked the layering of the lighter yellow over the slightly more peachy base color.  The pearl of the base color also provides an interesting contrast with the creme polishes overlying it.

Playing with colors is so much fun!  What combinations are you aching to try this summer, Konaddicts?


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