Friday, April 27, 2012

Layla Hologram Effects Ocean Rush

Apparently, trying to capture holographic nail polish on "film" is as difficult as trying to snap a photo of a Sasquatch!

Here's my best effort to show you just how gorgeous this polish is.

This polish is amazing in the sun - which is the case with most good holos - but instead of that drab, grainy color that some holos have indoors, this polish is still a very beautiful blue indoors and in artificial light.

As for wearability, this gets another WOW from me!  These pictures are two coats of polish (I did use special aquabase for holos, although I've heard that isn't necessary) and topcoat.  The holographic effect is fabulous even with two coats of my usual Out The Door topcoat.  You'll see a little tipwear on my middle finger, but this was after about four days of wear (which is amazing for a holo polish)!

Here's another (giant!) look:

At $15 per bottle (gasp!), these are way out of my normal price range...but, the colors are beautiful - in sunshing and in shade, the polish is long-lasting, and you can wear topcoat without ruining the effect.  Surely, there must be a reason to treat myself to a few more bottles of this gorgeous stuff!

When I stop gawking, I'm sure I'll be back with more stamping.  Be well, Konaddicts!


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