Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blog Award!

The rules for this award are:
1. Post who gave you the award and link to it.
2. Tell 5 strange things about you (a little tag).
3. Give the award to 5 other blogs.


Thank you, Jane, at Konad Kolatra, for awarding me the "Your Blog Inspires Me" Award!  From "Batik Nails" to Furry Nails and the Dry Water Marble, Jane always has creative ideas and lovely designs.  I'm thrilled to get this award from her!

So, five strange things about me?  I don't think I'm that strange, but I'll give it a shot!

  • As you may already know, I love Bollywood movies!
  • I started my blog when my "nail friend" at work moved to another job.  I still wanted to be able to share nail stuff without forcing everyone else in my office to look at my nails!
  • Polishing nails helps to keep me calm.  When my dad was sick, I took all of my polishes with me to be with him.  One or two bottles wouldn't do; I knew I would need reinforcements!  
  • If you ask me for five things, you might only get four!  :)

There are so many great nail blogs out there, it's hard to know where to send this!

  • I love to see what Jackie, at MeMa's Manis, is up to.  Her Which Way Wednesdays are my favorite posts since you get to see her design evolve.  I'm not great at layering - and Jackie is a pro - so watching her gives me new ideas.
  • Erica, at Beauty and the Polish, is always up to something super cute (which is just my style).  She tries out indie polishes and glitters that are just adorable and points toward new brands and styles that I might not have tried on my own. 
  • I'll pick two additional ones - Jane, at Nailside, and Maria at Konad Addict.  Tutorials and beautiful designs abound; these ladies have a well deserved huge following.  The things Jane can do with tape are amazing, and Maria's color choices can knock your socks off!
Thank you for reading!  Thank you, Jane, for the award!  Let's keep the inspiration flowing!


Jane said...

I am very glad you liked it! =D

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