Monday, August 13, 2012

Puzzled (the Remix)

More puzzle pieces!
This is another using the puzzle design from the XL-A plate.

This is Wet n Wild Black Creme stamped with Pastel Blue Special Stamping Polish from MyOnlineShop's Facebook store.  After an exceptionally difficult couple of weeks, I treated myself to several bottles of their stamping polish.  Including shipping, each bottle turned out to be about $6.25/ea.  

Six bucks a bottle is more than I usually like to pay for a polish, but, wow, look at how that color pops!

Is everyone waiting with bated breath for the new set of Cheeky plates?  They're supposed to be out as early as Friday! Woo hoo!

See you later, Konaddicts!


bjones0625 said...

Very nice we like! Grammy & Rayana

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