Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bright French Manicure

Sorry about the low lighting - it's chilly, cloudy day today.
We've got cloudy days, but I still wanted to get a shot of my colorful french manicure.I've been wanting to try out some of those awesome french manicure tips in the second Bundle Monster set.  Since the pattern has leaves room for your base color to show through, I wanted to experiment with a multi-colored base.

I started with a base of Insta Dri Petal Pusher.  I drew some lines with polishes and a nail pen to make a bright base over which to stamp. Here's my base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Snappy Sorbet,L'Oreal Violet Vixen, Milani Cherry Pie, and contrasting lines drawn with a teal colored nail pen.

Then, I stamped the tips using Konad Special polish in white using BM 217.  And voila!
Or, at least, mostly voila, as soon as I can do something about this dry fall skin!

Well, I'm off to enjoy a day of cool, fall weather!  Have a great day, Konaddicts!


Rhonda (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Very cute I like how the colors pop through the white. I wish we had some cool weather :)

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