Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hi, everyone!
I have been feeling like having fruity nails (never mind that it's now feeling very much like Fall outside!)  I have seen some really cute designs created with the Konad plate with the pineapple.  Unfortunately, this is a plate I don't own (gasp!).  Luckily, the first set of Cheeky plates (CH20) has a super cute pineapple.

This is a simple one.

  • First, you get a Mark Wahlberg movie (Contraband was my choice) - he's just so cute, you won't even notice how many pineapples you stamp.  
  • Then, you select your base.  I used Sinful Colors Unicorn as a fruity, yellow backdrop.  
  • Next, get to stamping!  I stamped the pineapples with a chocolate brown Nail Savvy polish (sorry, the label fell off) and Kleancolor Grass Green.  
  • Finally, you ignore the absurd plot twist in the movie and choose instead to gawk at how handsome Mark Wahlberg is.  Oh, and your nails are done!

Delightful! :)


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Jocelyn said...

Thanks, Jackie! I kept having to remind myself that they weren't "scratch n' sniff"!

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