Thursday, January 3, 2013

Homage to Emerald - the color of 2013!

Hello, everyone!  I hope you're recovering from an amazing start to 2013!

I decided to start the new year with an homage to Emerald, the Pantone color of the year.

This is an easy gradient of Sally Hansen Lickety Split Lime and SH Sea Breeze.  It's stamped with that lovely holo Glitter Gal Lizard Belly using Red Angel plate RA-111.  I used a dotting tool and China Glaze Passion to add the gold dots.

Easy peasy!
And stamping with a holo is so much fun (especially since Lizard Belly is a very beautiful but very dark green all on its own).

Hope you're well, Konaddicts!  I finally received my new flocking powder set, so more fuzzy nails are on the horizon!

Also...I've added a few polls in the sidebar!  Be sure to answer - I'd love to learn from your expertise!


maRyya said...

lovely nail art! beautiful colours :)

ManisbyMoore said...

I love that gradient!! Pretty colors together!

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