Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mint Chocolate Mani

Apparently, February 19 is mint chocolate day!  I was sad to have missed it, but decided to celebrate it as a nail design.  I'm not a huge fan of mint, but any friend of chocolate's is a friend of mine!

For this tasty manicure, I started with Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet.  I stamped the cakes with Cheeky CH41 and my go-to brown - Revlon Top Speed Espresso.  I used a small nail brush and the sheery and slightly darker Sinful Mint Apple to around the cake slices to add a little contrast.

I decided to go for a contrasting accent nail.  I used a Nail Savvy chocolate brown and stamped the "yummy" with Cheeky CH42 and Sally Hansen Insta Dri Jade Jump.

Anyone for a snack?

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