Saturday, March 9, 2013

Burberry Nails

Hi, everyone!
I have been obsessed with wanting Burberry print nails.  I have seen nail foils for them, but foils are about $8/set and I would rather buy polish or stamping plates with that!  So, I poked around online and took a look at how other people were doing it.  I decided to try out recreating the print with nail tape.

I bought a ton of nail tape from eBay - about 30 rolls for $4 (now that's a deal!) - and grabbed one of my very favorite colors, L'Oreal Walk on the Beach.

There's plenty of tape on each roll, so they turned out to be perfect for experimenting.

Then, I went to it.  I used two coats of Walk on the Beach for a base and added the nail tape.

So...this turned out to be, um, not the best idea.  It took me so long to get the nail tape on (in retrospect, I should have cut each of the pieces in advance).  And then, I didn't cut the nail tapes well enough so pieces were pulling up in a very short time.

Well, I don't give up easily so I may either track down those nail foils or figure out another method.  Hmm...thinking cap, activated!

See you later, Konaddicts!  If you've got cold and stormy weather, I hope you stay safe and sound!


Nika:)) said...

Amazing design!:) I bought that kind of rolls from eBay, too:)

ManisbyMoore said...

Too bad the tape gave you trouble because it turned out nice!

Jocelyn said...

Aren't they fun! They're so cheap that it seems "safe" to experiment with them.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks! I'm a picker, too, so any loose ends, I pick at until I ruin it...

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