Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lattice and Roses

Hello, everyone!
If this is your "Back to School" week, I hope it's going well.  As for me, things have been a little hectic and I'm still wearing a peeling and cracking mani from (gasp!) last week! I wanted to take a moment to share this design with you because - amazingly - I did NOT use Essie Fiji as a base (what?).

I LOVE Essie Fiji.  It's a sweet, pale pink that I use all the time.  I've never been fond of the application of Essie Fiji, but the light color and opacity has made it a favorite.  When I saw Sinful Easy Going, I thought I might be able to add a little variety to my pale pinks.

For this design, I used Easy Going and stampepd it with Orly Mind's Eye using Pueen 22.  I was going for a softer, vintage rose look when I added Pure Ice Love and Wet N Wild Lavender Creme.  They came out a little more "impressionist" than "vintage", but I liked the overall effect.

Well, Konaddicts - what do you think about this one?  Are there other pale pinks that you'd recommend?


maRyya said...

it's so cute :)

ManisbyMoore said...

So so cute! I like OPI Mod about you. It has horrible application as well but is so lovely on the nails... you will become obsessed!

Bunny Nails said...

Nice and classy-looking nail art ♥

Jocelyn said...

Ooh - thank you! One more for the wish list!

Jocelyn said...

Thank you!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks! Your post on Nude Nails, btw, prompted me to go buy NYC Fashion Safari - a color I LOVE!

Lola said...

I love how the roses turned out! I'll have to try this soon :o)
- Fingertips

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