Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: Under Construction!

Happy New Year, Konaddicts!  2014 is well underway.  In honor of "constructing" our new year, I decided to try out the traffic and construction designs on plate OB 30.  I've had this unique little plate for a while, and I've been waiting for a chance to try it out.

This mani is Sally Hansen Insta Dri Man-go Team! with Milani Black Magic and silver for the designs.  I'm loving the vibrant color, especially after all of my Christmas designs.  The traffic designs are from OB-30; I stamped the checked pattern on the index finger using Cheeky 13.

My "execution" - I'm sure you've noticed - could use a little work.  When I tried stamping the traffic signs, I couldn't position them correctly or they bent too much around the nail and it threw off the shape.  I also wanted to add a second color to the stripes, so that meant making the designs as decals.  I can usually make my decals without problem, but sometimes getting them on - and tacking them down - is where I run into trouble.  So...there are some weird smudges and chunky parts, but I'm enjoying this one all the same.

Thanks for reading, Konaddicts!  I hope your year is off to a dazzling new start!


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