Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello Kitty Image Plates

Hello, Konaddicts!  My new Hello Kitty plate is here!
I decided to do a quick lineup to compare the three HK plates that I own.

B87 was my first Hello Kitty plate. I bought mine from Beautiful Scratchers.  I love this plate, and this is the one I usually use.There's not a lot of room for additional decoration since her face takes up most of the nail.

QA12 was the second plate I bought.  I bought this one on eBay without looking closely at it.  The plain HK face is missing a chin.  The other has paws  and I think the other one is making an OK sign.

I do like, but haven't tried yet, the bows, polka dots, bears, and moons and stars.  I'm more likely to go use this plate for the other designs since I'm ultimately not too fond of the HK designs themselves.

KD1 is my brand new Hello Kitty plate!  I love, love, love it!

Kitty's face is small enough to incorporate other designs.  There are also a bunny, a squirrel (is that a squirrel?), a darling purse, and full kitties in dresses!

The only thing is that one kitty's bow isn't the usual bow (you can see it in the stamp above).

I also like the lines are a little thicker and each design looks very distinct.  You can even read the word "album" on the book kitty is reading.

Aaaaa!  The amount of cuteness is killing me!

Well, if you're looking for a Hello Kitty plate, I hope this posts help you pick the one that will work best for you!

See you soon!


Casey0402 said...

Thank you for doing this comparison. I have the QA12 and B87. The Hello Kitty is kinda big. I saw the KD1, and thought they looked smaller, but wasn't sure so I didn't get it yet. Your post helped to convince me that it is worth it! Did you get it on Ebay?

Jocelyn said...

I'm glad the post helps! Yep, the plate is from eBay. I haven't used it in a "real" design yet, but I think the size is perfect!

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