Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Candy Corn & Giveaway Winner!

I'm thrilled to announce the winner of my first giveaway - it's Katie!  Katie is all set to get her plates.  I hope she comes up with some great designs!

Thank you to everyone who entered and, to all the new followers, thank you for making me part of your "nail family". :)

Amazingly - and nearly just in time for Halloween - inspiration struck and I'm sporting these fun candy corn nails!

This was one of those designs that sort of evolved as I went about my day.

I knew I wanted candy corn stripes, so I used tape for the color blocks.  I started with a base of  Sally Hansen Insta Dri Whirlwind White (A).  I polished about half of the nail with Sinful Pull Over, an yellow-orange (B).

I waited until the polish was completely dry before adding tape to section off the middle (C).  Polished in my China Glaze Life Preserver (D).  And removed the tape! (E).

I'm getting better about remembering to smooth the tape before polishing and removing the tape while the polish is still wet; my lines are getting better!

I couldn't decide whether to stamp these or leave them in blocks.I decided I wanted to add the candy corn shape, but I didn't feel like trying to cut tape, so I decided to use nail pens and a nail brush to fill in the sides with Revlon Top Speed Espresso.

Then I decided I wanted to stamp them, so I used  Konad M17 and M18 and Wet n Wild Black Creme for the letters.

Please forgive the nail wear in the photo.   I wanted to take the picture sooner, but I have a new addition that has been keeping me busy.

This is Rosie.  She's only about 5 lbs, but she's a year old and is a burst of youthful energy.  My other dog, Barley, is 11, and we have been together for 8 years, so adding this little whippersnapper to our tried and true routines has been a challenge.  She's a sweet, sweet girl, though, and it already feels like she's a part of the family.

Well, take care Konaddicts!  I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween - and are wearing fun polish designs to celebrate!


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cingrats! nice manicure :)

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